The device comes as a compact unit consisting of a tank (for its own active chemical substance), a water tank for washing, a capture sump, PP and PVC piping, stainless steel valves, a stainless steel heating coil and sensor, a thermostat, and a stainless steel pump with a frequency converter. Depending on the opted configuration, the unit can be equipped with a digital flowmeter for accurate flow measurement. For visual control of the flow, float flowmeters are provided according to the number of cleaned cooling circuits. The entire device is equipped with two fixed and two swivel hand wheels for ease of handling. The entire structure is welded from PP boards in order for it to be a self-supporting unit without the need of a supporting frame.

The equipment includes complete documentation:

Types of our aggregates

for 6 circuits

volume of operating charge:

120 l

pump performance:

20 – 90 l / min

for 12 circuits

volume of operating charge:

160 l

pump performance:

50 – 180 l / min

prototype aggregates