We repair damaged surfaces of cylinders and hydraulic piston rods like:

  • printing and paper machines
  • cylinders for foil production and processing
  • hydraulic piston rings for construction and other machines

Local metal coating

(selective electrochemical metal coating)

Used for:

  • repairs of machine parts, molds, cylinders, hydraulic piston rods and rollers with plating (hard-chrome, nickel, etc.)
  • the possibility of applying a precisely defined layer without the need for subsequent machining
  • anti-corrosion protection
  • Abrasion protection

Additive material:

  • filler materials – such as copper, bronze
  • Covering materials – nickel, cobalt, special alloys of nickel, tungsten
  • hardness of covering materials up to 60 HRC

Polishing and grinding head tool

We have developed a polishing and grinding head by which we can repair the surfaces of large cylinders directly in the machine without the need for dismantling.


  • belt width - 150 mm
  • Engine Makita - 2,4 kW - 6600 ot. / min.
  • speed - 25 m/s
  • linear guide length - 2000 mm

the highest surface quality achieved 0,025 Ra

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